Chemka Hot Spring

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This lovely mineral spring is fed by groundwater from Mount Kilimanjaro. The Chemka Hot Springs are located in the Chemka town, which is roughly 40 kilometers from Moshi. They are warm water springs that are subterranean. The water creates a crystal-clear pond that is perfect for swimming. The pond is incredibly deep, up to 10 meters in certain spots, but the water is so pure that you can always see the bottom. The pond is hidden by dense vegetation. You can camp by the shore, eat your snacks there, and hang out there after swimming to dry off.

Driving takes more than an hour due to the winding and rocky nature of the road leading to the Hot Springs. You can take in the breathtaking surroundings and experience real Tanzanian culture while on the tour. When we get to the hot springs, you can swim, unwind, eat lunch outside, and take in the sun. If you’d like, we can start cooking a BBQ for you while you swim. We can also have a campfire and a bush dinner while staying the night in the Hot Springs, if that would be your preference. Baboons and many monkey species can be seen all over the springs.


DEPARTURE/RETURN LOCATION Kilimanjaro International Airport (JRO), Arusha Airport, (ARK/HTAR), Moshi and Arusha
1 PAX 2 PAX 3 PAX 4 PAX 5 PAX +
$ 123 $ 97 $ 81 $ 73 $ 60
Materuni Entrance Fee Cultural Tour Guide
Transfer to / From Materuni Lunch Park & Drinking Water
Fee for Coffee Activities Wages for Driver / Guide
Pre and Post Accommodation Coffee to take home
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At Chemka Hot Springs, There Are The Following Activities:

  • You pass through nearby communities as you explore Chemka Hot Springs.
  • Possibility of encountering many primates, including baboons.
  • An explanation of the locals, their way of life, and their traditions
  • taking in the beautiful scenery of Mount Kilimanjaro
  • Swim in the hot spring and have fun.
  • Eat barbecue and mayonnaise chips for lunch.
  • Swing and dive into the ponds of heat.


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