The only path that approaches Kilimanjaro from the north and is close to the Kenyan border is the Rongai route. Despite growing in prominence among climbers, this route still sees few visitors. Compared to the other ways up the mountain, Rongai has a gentler grade. It is the favored route for climbers who want an alternative to the well-known Marangu route, prefer a more remote trip, and are climbing during the wet season (the north side receives less precipitation). The moderately challenging Rongai route comes highly recommended, especially for individuals with little to no prior backpacking experience.

Rongai makes up for the lack of variety in the landscape with practically its whole trip being spent in actual wilderness areas. The Marangu path is used for the descent.

Rongai is a seven group climb that Kilimanjaro Ascent® provides, as well as a six or seven private climb. The fourth at Mawenzi Tarn in the six- variant does not include an acclimatization .


5 , 6 & 7 DAYS

Rongai Route – 7 Days

Is the only route that ascends from the north, close to the Kenyan border.